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Nya Yoga-DVD på gång: Yoga for Outdoor People

Foto av författare

By Erik Sjöstedt

Helen Wilson & Mark Tozer från Greenland or Bust släpper en ny film. Titeln är Yoga for Outdoor People.

Filmen går att förbeställa nu och börjar skickas den 18 september. Lär dyka upp hos välsorterade kajakhandlare hemomkring också.

New DVD released: Yoga for Outdoor People | Greenlandorbust.org.

”The DVD is based on a type of yoga called Vinyasa Flow. It focuses on movement with breath. Helen has been practicing yoga for over 14 years, and is a registered yoga teacher. Mark has a bachelors degree with honors in Sports Science, Health Promotion and Physical Education.

The DVD contains three yoga sequences. Two are full-length, and one is a standing-only mini workout. They are multi-level, with both modifications and variations shown. There is also a breakdown section, which includes detailed breakdowns of some of the poses that require a little more explanation.”


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