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av Corran Addison
ISBN: 1-57034-079-X
Drygt 300 citat och visdomsord som i första hand är för forspaddlare, men mycket funkar på havskajaker oxå.

Några exempel:
”If you don’t have a good hands role, get a spare paddle”
”Don’t buy a kayak that will take care of you, get one that is fun and that will make you learn”
”It’s better to have the skills to keep you out of trouble, than the skills to get you out of trouble”
”The best equipment won’t make you the best paddler, but it sure makes the journey easier and more enjoyable”
”My worst days are more exciting than most peoples best. That choice is also yours”
Många får man ta med en nypa salt, men det finns en hel del roliga godbitar 😉

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