Qaanaaq 512 from Waterfield Kayaks

Qaanaaq 512 på Vallerö

Manufactured by Japanese Waterfield Kayaks .

512cm long and 48 cm wide.

The first "real" greenland kayak option for those who do not want to build yourself.

We bought our instant the first container landed at Orust Kayak and it was probably the first boats outside Japan overall. The idea was to have it as spawning and role kayak. We paddled the part, but it is rarely alone role rounds and we sat well even some lousy in the so then got it going on. Now living the outside Kalmar.

We were all black - that was before we come to understand in terms of colors ... ;-)

Nowadays there Qaanaaqen in several varieties, both large and small. Clearly cheeky boats if you are greenland kayak craving. Well constructed!

Imported to Europe by Orust Kayak .

In our fleet: 2004-2006
Nowadays there are several different greenland inspired kayaks to choose from, but still not as easy as Qaanaaqen.

Waterfield Kayaks - Qaanaaq 512

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